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Apprenticeships are ideal if you have a clear idea of the career you’d like to pursue, and you want to try both work and study. Unlike a traditional degree course, the majority of your learning will be through on-the-job training in your place of work.


In England, there are apprenticeships for over 1,500 job roles, allowing you to enter careers in anything from engineering and digital marketing, to sports management and boat building! 


If you are considering the apprenticeship route when you finish sixth form, we will provide you with 1:1 support and guidance to help.   


This includes help finding and applying for an apprenticeship, completing application forms, compiling a CV and practice interviews. During the year, there will be visiting speakers from several companies who will explain their application process. We have a wealth of volunteers from industry, including former students who will support you through your application. 


Previous students have gained apprenticeships at companies such as Airbus, Nissan Toyota, NHS.


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