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Sixth Form Dress Code

Students should dress as though they were going to work in a smart office. They must wear sensible, smart dress.
Students can wear:
  • smart non-denim trousers
  • a smart shirt with a collar. This does not include polo shirts.
  • a smart knee length skirt
  • a smart knee length dress or pinafore
  • a smart full length blouse, with short or long sleeves
  • a plain jumper
  • a blazer or smart cardigan
Hoodies, sweatshirts and outdoor coats must not be worn in the school building
Footwear :
  • Shoes should be plain and smart.
  • Trainers must not be worn to school.
  • High heels must not be worn to school
Face and Hair:
  • Students should have sensible hairstyles.
  • Students should not wear an excessive amount of make-up or jewellery
We strongly disagree with students getting tattoos and facial/body piercings.  In school tattoos need to be covered up and piercings are not permitted except for a single ear piercing.
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